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TimeKeeper launches Xero Payroll integration

January 25, 2022

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UK based time and attendance company, TimeKeeper, has recently launched their payroll integration with leading accountancy software platform Xero.

The new integration means employees will be able to record their timesheet information on the TimeKeeper app (mobile/tablet/web) and have that sent across to Xero Payroll for processing in a few clicks.
Sean Quinn of TimeKeeper said that they were delighted to be able to provide a solution for dedicated Xero users.

"Xero is a forward-thinking, modern, cloud-based accounting platform that is continually innovating in the accountancy and bookkeeping space,” he explained. “We at TimeKeeper believe that our cloud-based time and attendance platform helps innovate in the time and attendance space, so why not combine the two!”

Mr Quinn said that they had they had received several requests from Xero users to help with sending timesheets into Xero Payroll.

“The integration automates the calculation of the correct amount of regular and overtime hours due to send across to Xero based on their clock in and out times,”he said. “We also allow users to map their rates in TimeKeeper to the relevant Xero’s Earning Rates.

“We're absolutely delighted to be a connected app on Xero’s platform, not just because we're huge fans of their platform but at this time a key driver is to help save time and money for accountants and bookkeepers. TimeKeeper removes unnecessary manual, repetitive work allowing them to focus on higher value tasks.".

TimeKeeper is keen to work with Xero Native Accountants and Bookkeepers to show them the benefits of this seamless integration.

Currently it is supported for UK and NZ Xero organisations and is working on support for Australian based Xero organisations.

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