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Introducing a new affordable way to be across all of your clients, all of the time

Advisory services can put considerable resource and cost pressure on firms, this can lead to the service only being for select clients. By broadening the service base, firms have a considerable opportunity ahead.
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Accountants know that their ability to provide a client the right advice at the right time can be the difference between them flourishing or failing.  But how can business advisors help clients achieve their goals if they don’t have regular exposure to their financial operations?

Finlert has created its latest product OverSight, to give business advisors a commercially-viable umbrella across their entire client base.  It torpedoes management time and enables advisors to maximise business opportunities and better manage risk. In one easy to use dashboard, OverSight offers you access to all of your clients, all of the time.

By presenting lead indicators for all clients, OverSight supports the regular servicing of premium clients, but also enables easy reference to the financial position of clients not serviced as regularly.  For the business advisor this provides upsell opportunities, happy clients and increased client loyalty and advocacy. 

That client who is a start-up today, could be one of tomorrow’s most profitable advisory clients.

What is Oversight?

In simple terms, OverSight is a dashboard which will display metrics from all connected Xero files.  The customisable overview or analytical view has metrics related to Cash position, AR / AP, payroll, and organisational data. This means it can be used as a daily monitor or even an end of period tool.

Let’s walk through some features…

Comparison periods

Data from all clients is great, but without context it can just be numbers on a page. Comparison periods highlight where differences in the numbers are either positive or negative compared to a like period.

Tags + owners

Assigning Xero files to tags and an owner within OverSight allows data to be shown as needed for an individual practice.  Common examples are to create tags for things like industry and service package. Then with a few clicks you can see the status of all retail clients on a quarterly package who are assigned to you.


Thresholds enable advisors to set the tipping point at which a client metric needs attention. This can be for a single client, or a specific group.

Other use cases

As well as advisory services, some clients have leveraged OverSight to streamline end of period operations, as a bookkeeping operational tool, to define their own version of client health and even kickstart new advisory services and offerings.

More to come 

Like all great SaaS platforms OverSight is continually being improved based on client feedback. Keep an eye out for new integrations and partnerships in the near future.

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