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Top Tools for a Virtual Workforce

April 18, 2020

Like many businesses today, you are facing the necessity to transfer all or part of your workforce to working remotely to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Transitioning from your traditional office setting to a virtual workforce environment takes some ingenuity combined with innovation and motivation to turn this obstacle into success for your business. Providing your workforce with the right tools during this transition is critical to the success and productivity of your business and team while working from home.
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Hurdles to Consider When Building a Virtual Workforce

A workforce that is working remotely for your business sounds simple enough; as long as everyone remains on task the work stays the same just in a different location. While this premise can be true several factors must be considered and accounted for when managing a successful virtual workforce.

These are some areas that can become problematic if not planned for and addressed early on when transitioning your team to working from home.

Communication Capabilities

Similar to working in an office setting communication with your team is essential to the continued success of your company. However, working virtually with your workforce presents some obvious challenges. Provide your team with various communication tools to ensure they are equipped with all the capabilities to receive support and guidance when needed.

Here are some free or low-cost options that can be integrated into your remote work plan:

  • Zoom – Remote workers find that brainstorming can be one of the most challenging types of activities when working remotely. However, using an application such as Zoom gives you and your team that much-needed face to face interaction through its video conferencing tools that can be used for meetings, training, and conferences. With basic capabilities to interact with just 1 up to 100 participants and can be upgraded up to 500 participants if needed.
  • Whatsapp – If you have a small team and are looking for a simple yet easy to use option, to message your team consider creating a Group on Whatsapp for direct messaging capabilities.

Team Building & Unity

One of the hardest things to accomplish when working remotely is for your team to build a strong relationship with each other and work in a unified manner. Manage your team in a manner that encourages them to build relationships, not just with their superiors but each other within the work environment. This allows for greater productivity with regards to brainstorming new ideas and problem-solving.

  • LinkedIn – Create an employer profile on LinkedIn and invite your team to join and identify themselves as an employee of your company.
  • Slack – This is a unique messaging platform great for creating a sense of community and open dialogue amongst your team. The Slack application has an appealing and intuitive design similar to a social media feed that encourages communication with ease that can be used for project management, general communication, support, and even water cooler talk.

Shared Vision & Goals

When employees are working from home it can be difficult to motivate each individual. Take the time to develop a recognition program that rewards your workforce for meeting goals and staying on track. Do not worry about creating an overly complicated system at first but rather start small and build upon your program to maintain employee loyalty and keep morale and motivation high.

Many businesses use point systems, ranks, or levels to keep employees motivated and progressing forward with their work. Offer reasonable and attractive incentives to recognize your employees’ hard work and dedication at preset intervals as they continue to grow within your company.


One of the most controversial aspects of remote work is the high possibility of time theft towards your business. A workforce that is able to perform their duties remotely will have greater flexibility and freedom than an individual working within a typical office setting. As a business, it is your job to ensure your employees remain productive and on task during working hours without straying too far off course.

Use time management tools to manage your employees from home such as:

  • TimeTracker – This easy to use and well-designed software by eBillity allows you to manage your workforce by tracking their real-time work hours and payroll from one easy application. With any mobile device and an internet connection, you can oversee your workforce’s time spent working with GPS tracking and real-time monitoring, create and send work schedules, as well as approve and complete payroll from anywhere in the world.

Product Management Tools

A focused and guided approach to project management combined with the proper tools will give your workforce the ability to meet goals and deadlines for your company.

  • Trello – This program can give your company an advantage to create and delegate necessary work each day and week for your employees. With the ability to create lists boards and cards you will be able to prioritize and manage projects within the application which also offers the option to automate your workflow amongst team members according to your specifications and needs.

A Virtual Workforce is Happier and Loyal

Remote work has become the unexpected spotlight of 2020, with so many options and tools available to complement a virtual work transition it is easier than ever to manage a productive and successful virtual workforce while still growing your brand and profits.  Take the time to think about your business needs and research the tools your workforce will require to complete their work from home duties and responsibilities successfully.

The reality is individuals who work from home are more satisfied with their positions and their employers and work harder and longer hours to meet their goals. This business structure allows your company to retain its best talent while meeting their personal needs for flexibility and your business needs for productivity.

Try TimeTracker by eBillity for easier time tracking and employee scheduling for your company.

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