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Tradespeople: It pays to get good advice!

There are more than 10,000 tradespeople using Tradify, and a recent survey showed on average it is helping them save 460 hours and $24,500 every year…
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At Tradify we are talking to tradespeople all the time, and it’s clear that they share a lot of hassles and hiccups that get in the way of making their business as profitable and efficient as they would like. Something else that is really clear is how important it is for tradespeople to have good financial advice and easy visibility of the numbers – in other words, a trusted accountant or bookkeeper who understands trade, combined with business management software that you can use on the job.

So let us take a look at why running your business by the numbers could be the best advice you will ever get. Then I will show you how Tradify makes it easy for advisors and business owners.

Business by the numbers

My number one tip is that no business decision should be made without consulting your financial statements. We encourage Tradify users to view costs as investments and understand whether money spent on gear or staff will actually be worth it.

The numbers can also tell you if you are making or losing money on individual jobs. Once you recognise where you are losing, you can plug the hole and get back on track to profitability. The key thing is to understand here is that Tradify gives you real time numbers to work with, so you can manage your business proactively, instead of being on the backfoot.

How Tradify makes doing business by the numbers easy

We built Tradify to help hardworking tradespeople enjoy better business and an easier life. Tradify can help you manage your entire workflow process, including quotes, invoices, supplier price lists, site photos, timesheets, job sheets and schedules – all in one place. It is easy to use too, even if you are a lot better with tools than technology, and Tradify is in the ‘Cloud’ so you can work on it anytime, anywhere.

Keep the cash flowing

Cashflow is the life blood of every tradesperson’s business, and Tradify makes it easier to keep your bank account healthy. You can flick out quotes in minutes, impressing potential clients with your awesome speed and efficiency. And when you have done the work, you can send out invoices immediately and identify pesky late payers.

Grow your business smoothly

As you get busier it is easy to lose track of things, but Tradify lets you stay on top of business growth, making regular updates to functions such as job scheduling, invoicing, and storage of customer data. By doing a lot of the admin for you, Tradify frees up your time so you can focus on growing your business.

Goodbye paperwork

Tradify gets rid of the time consuming paperwork everyone hates, so you have more time to enjoy your lifestyle – and is that not what being your own boss is all about?

Try Tradify now

My last piece of advice is to trial Tradify asap. The numbers certainly stack up, because trialling it is free.

Why leave it there?

Find out more about how using Tradify can pay off for your business

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