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Trick or treat? It’s our spooktacular October updates 🎃

November 1, 2021

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Happy Halloween! If you couldn’t tell from the horrifying headline, we love spooky season here at Revolut. And, we’re sure you’ll agree, October’s new products are the best treat you’ll get this year. So, let’s go full Van Helsing and stake a look at what’s new:

Boo!-k a stay and earn instant cashback 🏖️

Dreaming about your next vacay? Customers in the UK and EEA can book Stays in-app and earn at least 7.5% instant cashback on each booking. We offer great rates at amazing accommodation all over the world, and we won’t charge you any booking fees.

Break down your net worth in even more detail 💰

Want to take a deep dive in to exactly what assets you’ve got and where they are? No problem, you can now get a detailed breakdown of your assets and liabilities by type. Just head to your net worth widget and tap a section to see more.

Send money overseas faster and in even more currencies 💸

You can now make transfers in two new currencies: Serbia Dinar and Vietnamese Dong. And you can send Turkish Lira faster than before, with no intermediary fees. Plus, you can now send PHP to the Philippines in under 1 hour! That’s frighteningly fast.

Do quick maths for payments with our in-app calculator 📱

We’ve added a handy new calculator to our in-app payments screen. It pops up when you enter how much you want to send. So when you need to pay someone for dinner, minus drinks, plus those tickets, but split between 3, you can work it out in seconds.

Activate offline rewards just once per offer 🤑

There’s nothing worse than missing out on cashback (apart from being the only one to wear fancy dress to work). Which is why you no longer need to reactivate offline rewards after you’ve used them, they’ll stay active for the whole promotion period.

Add notes and GIFs for your kids on Junior ❤️

When you send money to, or withdraw from, your child’s Junior account, you can now add a note or a GIF that they’ll see in-app. Not only is it super useful for helping them manage their money, but they might even think you’re cool if you use the right GIF*.

*Respect of your children not guaranteed

Have a fang-tastic Halloween! 🎃

We hope these fa-boo-lous new releases will help you get even more from your money. And, even better, we’re all done with the puns for this year. We were going to squeeze in one last vampire joke but, let’s be honest, they suck.

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