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Unlock the Power of an HRIS

Your People Data Should Not be stored in Spreadsheets - See Why…

Explore how an HRIS ensures accuracy, prevents errors, and allows customisation for enhanced people data management and analytics.
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Data analysis, including people analytics, is crucial for a company's success, enabling leaders to make strategic decisions and enhance workforce efficiency.

Relying on manual spreadsheets for this important data is risky as your company grows. Spreadsheets are prone to human errors, visibility permission lapses, and data loss. In contrast, using an HRIS for people data and analytics prevents such mistakes and offers customisable permission settings.

Data Security & Access Permissions

One of the primary advantages of an HRIS over manual spreadsheets is enhanced data security. Using spreadsheets for employee data exposes you to risks like data loss and theft. Cloud-based HRIS software, like HR Partner, offers higher security levels for staff data. We prioritise transparency, adhere to industry best security practices, and host our servers with a leading GDPR-compliant cloud provider to safeguard your HR data.

We also understand that each organisation has their own access preferences for employee information and capabilities. With this in mind, we built extremely configurable admin permissions options.

Easy Compliance Management

When using an HRIS, keeping track of which employees are compliant under your local and federal regulations and employment laws is easier than when using a manual spreadsheet for this information. With an HRIS like HR Partner, businesses can effortlessly manage employee compliance, create custom categories, and receive reminders for document expirations – all beyond manual spreadsheet capabilities.

Positive User Experience

Spreadsheets tend to not be intuitive, relying on precise formulas, making them difficult to use for staff who may not be tech-savy. In the user experience battle, HRIS systems excel over spreadsheets, offering intuitive processes, streamlined management, and advanced features.

Look for an HRIS like HR Partner that prioritises user-friendly design for efficient employee data analytics and management. We made our HRIS easy to navigate and intuitive, especially when it comes to people analytics and reporting.


As companies expand beyond 15 or so employees, manual spreadsheet updates may prove unsustainable for managing the growing volume and variety of HR data. Continuously creating multiple spreadsheets for specific functions becomes impractical. Scaling with an HRIS is the optimal solution, allowing centralised management of HR processes and personnel changes in one platform. Imagine overseeing the entire employee life cycle, from hiring to departure, with seamless data analysis and reporting – all in one place!

The Bottom Line

Although spreadsheets can be useful for some HR processes and data tracking, they come with concerning vulnerabilities. Ditch spreadsheet risks, and opt for a trusted HRIS. Enhance security, scalability, compliance, and user experience with HR Partner.

If you’re ready to stop second-guessing your people analytics, enhance the security of your employee data, and streamline your HR processes - then you’re ready to upgrade from manual spreadsheets to an HRIS.

Why leave it there?

Does your company use an HR system you love? Are you running a team of 20-500 people? We’d love to show you everything HR Partner has to offer your people management and analytics!

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