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We’ve added five new South African App Integrator partners to help you choose the right apps for your business

December 17, 2020

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At Xero, we love connecting with other great technology and organisations to make your life easier. Globally, we have a marketplace of over 800 apps, and over 20 of these are South African born – some of these include Payfast, SME Snapshot, Syft, Simple Pay, HelloHR and PaySpace.

Choosing the right apps for your business can be tricky. That’s the reason behind our South African App Integrator Directory, which we launched last year with seven partners – Realm Digital, Radical Cloud Solutions, Nimacc, Insights, Iridium Business Solutions, Cloud Integr8 and Creative CFO.

This year has been a particularly tough time for small businesses. For many, this period has revealed a radical new approach to work and to running businesses, with digitisation forming a key tool in helping businesses to build back. At Xero, we believe that with the right support, small businesses can and will recover.

To support this recovery, we’re delighted to announce that we have added five more South African app integrators who serve as experts in recommending and setting up the right add-on apps for your business. All our app integrators have a strong track-record in helping clients choose the right tech from Xero’s app marketplace and offering guidance on how to get the best of the cloud for your business.

Introducing our new South African App Integrator partners

The new Integrators are:

  1. Ximple – an app integration and cloud transition service. They help businesses make more time to grow sales and sustainably grow profits by helping businesses integrate the right cloud tools for them.
  2. Real Time Transformation – an accounting consultancy that helps businesses with digital transformation. They help organisations make better business decisions using real-time information and implementing the right tools to support this.
  3. BDK Software one of the leading cloud advisory firms. They provide businesses with advice and expertise to select the correct software solution to effectively and efficiently meet objectives.
  4. Prettysim – a Business System Integration and Process Automation consultancy. They help businesses to automate processes so they don’t have to. Through automation they add capacity, reduce costs, increase speed and improve quality.
  5. Wingman Cloud – a league of extraordinary wingmen (and accountants). They provide Xero-marketplace advisory and implementation services, assisting businesses who wish to move to the cloud on software selection, configuration and integration.

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