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What you do will change the future

In this article, Michael is sharing his experiences in building EzzyBills from scratch to be a popular Xero app today. His experiences are relevant to many XU Magazine users as many of us are running businesses. Michael will challenge us to take a step back from our normal work, asking ourselves: am I feeling important, strong and in control?
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I was interviewed at a conference by a friend, Kane Munro, also a client of EzzyBills, director of Accountancy Online and a passionate photographer.

During the interview, I said ‘Whatever you change is going to affect the future!’.  It is true in the literal sense. What I meant was, if you use Xero and EzzyBills,  whatever you change in Xero is going to affect how EzzyBills process the future bills for you. Thus bills are processed in the way that you guide it to be.

Later, I realise that my this quote actually has a meaning far beyond those.  It can be applied into the space and time beyond the app, beyond Xero, beyond our daily jobs and routine. Into the ever expanding universe: what you do will change the future!

When running businesses, we focus on providing values. We believe in ourselves and our customers.

In 2014, my partner and I started EzzyBills, an invoice processing software that is now processing a large number of bills for numerous Xero customers and customers of QuickBooks, MYOB and NetSuite as well.

We are proud of what we do for our customers.

Starting a business has never been easy. The competition was everywhere and will always be so. There were so many tasks and so many things that have to be done, well and very well done, every day, by a small team.

I talked to my first client, Waver Tree Farm, over ten times before they made the purchase. It was such a thrill to get that. I was grateful.

Every Xerocon is special to us. The most special one is the first Xerocon that EzzyBills exhibited in 2015 at Brisbane. We talked to so many accountants and bookkeepers. We were overwhelmed. In the days and weeks after Xerocon, the trials flooded in.  From that point, our company went from a concept and some computer codes to a true business.

Throughout the years, we have always tried our hardest to deliver the best service and value to our clients. Our clients are important to us. They believe in EzzyBills, believing in my team. One customer in UK does bookkeeping for her son – she jumped with joy when discovering our app. I was glad that we have made her job so much easier.

I have interacted with many clients directly. They love to talk to me on the phone, telling me what their businesses are and how we can help them.  For us, customer support is not purely business cost; it is an important channel through which we develop new ideas on how to make our software even better.

In a world full of competitors and existing super power, we have believed in ourselves and our core value system. We believe in our clients – they have been important to us at multiple levels.

We feel confident that our service has changed the way our clients do bookkeeping. One of our clients told me she was interviewed for a new job. At the interview, she was told about the job. She then said to the interview panel: “if I get hired, the job will be done differently and better. I will use EzzyBills.” She was offered the job. In some unique way, we has changed her future.

For hundreds of thousands of Xero users and accounting practices, no matter what you do in your job, believe in yourself! There are many business opportunities every day and every where. All you need to do is to have the pleasure to help others succeed – this is the best value you can offer to your employer or your customers. What you do will change their businesses and their future!

Very relevant to the accounting industry we are all in, when you work on numbers, you are turning them into meaningful jobs/incomes for people and families. This is important. You are changing the future of businesses and people far beyond you would normally comprehend.

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