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AccountancyManager has been easing the administrative workload of accountants since they launched in 2017...
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With every update, we aim to bring you one step closer to the stress-free practice of your dreams. That’s why we’re pleased to announce we’re integrating with Xero - the behemoth of cloud accounting. Having passed the - reassuringly meticulous - scrutiny of Xero’s partner team, an AccountancyManager/Xero integration is now live. So, why’s this the best thing since your face on a coffee? Two words: Two-way sync.

Speed up your software set up

Say you’re already using Xero and want to introduce AccountancyManager to automate and track your practice’s admin. With the integration, you can pull all your client contact information through from Xero to AM. Thanks to the sync, this also works in reverse. If you already use AccountancyManager to run your practice, you can use your client database to populate Xero.

Double-entry is one thing.

Entering the same data in two places is quite another.

This is where the AM/Xero integration has the biggest impact on your day. Instead of creating invoices in Xero and AM, create them once in AccountancyManager and at the click of a button they’ll be in Xero. When you receive payment, mark your invoices as paid in AM - and you’ll see it reflected in Xero.

Same goes for client details. When your clients make changes to their personal or business details in Xero, the sync will update AccountancyManager. Likewise, if you change something in AM, Xero will change too.

If you’d rather create your invoices in Xero that’s no problem. You can send them over to AccountancyManager just as easily. But (and it’s a big but) when you create them in AccountancyManager you fully unlock the power of the integration...

Build invoices as you work and track client profitability

Using the timer in AccountancyManager, you can track the time you spend on any chargeable tasks for each client. So as you work, AM builds invoices in the background - ready to go at a moment’s notice - or at a pre-set frequency. This also builds an invaluable picture of how profitable each client is and where there might be untapped opportunities across your business.

Take ‘Chase unpaid invoices’ off your to-do list - forever

AccountancyManager excels at getting you what you need from your client in good time - be it accounts, signatures, details - or a paid invoice. Until you get what you need, AM will continue to send gentle, occasional nudges. (Or not-so-gentle, rather insistent requests - the content and frequency is entirely up to you.)

Everything in one place - Client info, your daily tasks & invoices

Sending your invoices from AM means they’ll be added to your clients’ timelines, along with every (deep breath): email, text and phone call between you and your client, documents sent and received and all tasks you complete for that client. This keeps all the documents you and your client share in one place - for quick reference on both sides - in your client’s portal on AM.

Recurring invoices, invoices, invoices...

Finally, In terms of the integration adding new features to AccountancyManager, the most hotly anticipated among our users is recurring invoices. Simply set them up as usual in Xero and they’ll be sent from AM.

“As a single person practice, two days of my week were spent on practice management. AccountancyManager has reduced this to half a day, but more importantly it has freed up my brain to concentrate on accounting. Because there are so many areas of practice and client management that this software offers, it is a one-stop shop.” - Emma B

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