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Zivora’s Humanistic design - driving client engagement for Accountants

Businesses are inundated with software choices, but they will gravitate to those humanistic options that speak to them in a language that they understand and that do not overwhelm them.
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Why humanistic design?

Design thinking is an approach to understanding and solving complex problems by unlocking insights and creating collaboration needed to generate innovation. Humanistic or Human-Centered Design involves the human perspective in all steps of problem-solving.

Technology with a human centred design, seeks to model human behaviour and intelligence, with smart software carrying out everyday tasks traditionally performed by humans. Product or service-based companies use this approach to provide holistic and streamlined experiences to their users.

APIs (Application Program Interfaces) have transformed the way technology is shared and increased the joint business efforts in ecosystems to deliver more benefits and value to the end user. The Xero marketplace is a good example of an ecosystem in which diverse add-ons, working with financial data and progressive API’s, cater to multiple domains and industries, with a clear goal of adding value and streamlining the user experience.

Advancements in ecosystems mean humanistic design must be taken to a new level, whereby intelligence and user experience are embedded into every digital touch point. Netflix’s “Top Picks” section or Spotify “ Discover Weekly” playlist are good examples where design tries to delegate some of the daily tasks to the machine or software, which in turn delivers the seamless experience to the user.

Zivora – Humanistic at its core

We at Zivora are passionate about infusing maximum human elements into our software.  We bring those traditional conversations, of small business owners and their accountant or bookkeeper, to seamless and rich experiential touch-points within the software itself.  Zivora is about elevating and streamlining the experience by bringing all visuals and communications to the one channel, while learning what is most important to its users.

Zivora provides a collaborative forum in which accountants and bookkeepers can provide strategic insights and advice to their clients, all without having to leave the visuals themselves.

Zivora’s intelligent alerts do not feel robotic or mechanised. Users are not inundated with emails or messages on their phones. Zivora learns from user interaction what is most important to the user and applies an empathetic approach towards messaging. This enables it to smartly steer away from the noise.

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