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5 years and counting…

Like any family, we went through it all with XU. The sheer joy after just being born (albeit on the back of a beer mat in Wesley and David’s local), to the sleepless nights. We’ve experienced the teething pains, and the tantrums of starting a magazine, and like any expectant parents have the battle scars to prove it…
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5 years on, we can happily say that we have graduated from infancy and the stabilisers are well and truly off, (we have the crayon drawings to prove it).

Here’s a look back at our journey…

Warning: If you have travel envy or are averse to Alex's scooter antics, please look away now. Results may cause nostalgia and we will not be liable for any feelings of sentiment you may experience.

Within 5 years, XU went from being a concept, drawn up over a pint to being distributed to readers worldwide (eat your heart out, Murdoch). Despite our growth, we wouldn't have been able to do this had we not started with a solid vision.

We said it in issue 10 so it seems fitting that in issue 20 we'll say it again: we knew exactly what we wanted to create. The goal? To be informative, topical. To bring valuable information spread across the web into one place, not just to save you time, but so that we could be apart of your journeys too.

It's because of that very reason, why we wanted to remain impartial and through doing so have met some amazing providers along the way (that's you).

Since then, XU have exhibited at Xerocon London and Australia over 5 times and have had the pleasure of travelling around the USA for 4 of those years.

Whilst the magazine's origins are somewhat rooted with Xerocon, we've embraced growth and have taken on six additional conferences including Accountex.

“Happy Birthday to XU!! We’ve enjoyed working with the team over the years and it’s always a pleasure to have XU’s energy and enthusiasm at our expos and conferences. The magazine has literally gone from strength to strength… it’s a must-read for anyone in the world of accounting and finance … and absolutely essential if you’re a Xero user. Here’s to another five years!” - Jenni, Marketing Manager, Accountex

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of attending the Professional Accountancy conference and Accountech.Live which were new to our books in 2019.

Whilst the vision for XU was clear from our initial crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, we didn't always realise the crazy world we had thrown ourselves into. Going from home offices to Austin, Texas with donkeys, to watching fire breathers and salsa dancers around the world working with outstanding contributors along the way.

“In a world filled with digital-everything, and instant-everything, XU magazine reminds me of the importance of what we would sometimes call ‘old school marketing’. The printed word, the shiny page, the magazine dropping through my letterbox. At the same time, running into the XU team at an event is always good for a laugh or a serious business chat (usually both!).” - Karen Reyburn, MD, The Profitable Firm

It's thanks to our expanse of air miles, we have been able to work with a diverse group of CEO's, Founders, and leading experts, to provide our readers with Xero related content. It's official, you must now address us by the proper title: travel gurus.

The publication has evolved, from a home of disparate news and information, to be the voice of the people. XU have made a transition and have had the opportunity to share Q&A's, Interviews and Tutorials with some of the biggest names in the industry: one being, Receipt Bank.

“The Xero community has always been the most inspiring and engaged. You can see the evidence at every Xerocon, in the stories on social media and in the pages of this magazine. It’s been an honour to see XU Magazine fly the flag for better business over the last five years, and I can’t wait for us to keep growing alongside it." - Alexis Prenn, Co-Founder, Receipt Bank

Never fear, in case you missed us (after all, hot pink is the new camo), take a look at what we've been over the past 7 months.

Everyone here has worked hard to integrate themselves into the industry, bringing a vibrancy that can only be described with 2 letters: XU.

It's our down to earth approach to financial technology that has led us to cement our partnerships with Accountex USA and Accounting and Finance Show (LA, New York and Tronto). With these partnerships in place, XU have been able to reach out and make new connections, but don't take it from us: Lets see what has to say.

“Being the new kid isn’t always easy, but when launched with Xero in 2018, the XU team was quick to invite us to sit at their table. Each issue of the magazine is incredible, but it’s the people behind it that drive such genuine connection in this community. To Alex, David and the XU family, we celebrate you. Cheers to the next five years!” - Erica, Marketing & Customer Success Specialist,

2019 has been a defining year for shaping the future of the publication, as we made our debut at Accountech.Live and are set to make our presence known in Singapore for Accounting and Finance show.

One of our favourite things to do at events is spend time with the ProfitSee team, so we asked them to share some of our best bits. The XU Greatest hits if you will.

“In 2014 I saw a tweet announcing a revolutionary idea, and I knew ProfitSee needed to be a part of this. It’s been absolutely incredible to get to work with the XU Team over the past 5 years, but it’s been even better to be able to say that I am working with my friends. When you have passionate people working in an industry they love, magic happens.” - Brooke Roberts, Vice President of Global Marketing, ProfitSee

We know by now you're eager to know what our next move is, and we promise there will be lots of exciting announcements over the next 12 months. And whilst we donít have a magic mirror, to look at the next 5 years, we spoke to WorkflowMax to give you a trip down memory lane.

“We’ve loved seeing XU Magazine grow into the highly regarded publication that it is today. The content just gets better and better. Full of useful stories/tips and tricks that really add value for anyone thinking of joining this wonderful Xero ecosystem. Huge congratulations to the team on this milestone.” - Millie Vingrys, Global Marketing Manager, WorkflowMax (a Xero product)

A lot has changed over the past 5 years, but what hasn't is the love and support we receive from all of you, our subscribers, our partners, and most importantly our pre-con party goers and our XU run-clubbers (Itís our birthday, weíll make up words if we want to).

Not to fear! when we're not running circles around the world, we're hard at work to build those bonds between companies. Our dedication to cultivating these relationships are embodied in our ties with Practice Ignition.

“Working with the XU Magazine team has been brilliant for Practice Ignition. We’ve been able to work on key projects to drive exposure for our brand and be introduced to new customers. The team are wonderful to work with and we’re glad to be part of the XU Family.” - Trent Mclaren, Head of Accounting & Partnerships, Practice Ignition

Practice Ignition, we're happy to have you as part of the XU family.

As it's our birthday, on behalf of everyone here at XU, David is here to make our birthday wish.

“I never thought that when Wesley and I started the magazine 5 years ago that XU Magazine would have grown into the worldwide publication that it is today. We have met literally thousands of Xero users, Xero staff and Xero connected Apps along the way. Our vision from the onset was to provide a magazine for Xero users, by Xero users; and its success is testament to the outstanding support we’ve received from the Xero community along the way. For that, we cannot thank you all enough.” - David Hassall, CEO, XU Magazine

So here’s to making it come true, one click at a time.

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