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Aider’s new Data Compliance feature update: making it easier to bring your clients’ Xero files to a more complete & accurate state

December 6, 2022

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To help you improve efficiency and reduce costs to better serve your clients, we’ve made some improvements to Aider’s “Data Compliance” tab (previously named “Data Health”).

We've made it easier to monitor more of the data checks you normally do to bring your clients' files to a more complete and accurate state, starting with a checklist for GST reporting. Now you can easily spot incomplete tasks and record-keeping anomalies that require your attention.

With this update, you can feel more in control, knowing that you don’t have to dig around Xero files for hours trying to identify issues across your entire client base. We're doing the legwork so that you can spend less time on admin, and more time focusing on correcting data issues and advising your clients.

Here’s how Aider’s “Data Compliance” feature has improved:

Via the new and improved “Data Compliance” tab in Aider, you can now monitor more data checks – including the following:

  • Unreconciled items, Balance Sheet vs. GST returns, Bank Statement Balances vs. Balances in Xero, overdue invoices & bills, and deleted or voided transactions.

The existing insights in the “Data Compliance” tab have now been renamed and moved to other tabs, near related insights:

  • “Reconciled Transactions” is now named “GST Period Completion” and is under the “Taxes & Compliance” tab, giving you better context for the GST Forecast.
  • “Invoicing Status” is now under the “Cash Flow” tab, helping you monitor if there will be any risks to next month’s cash flow forecasts due to below average invoicing.

Here’s how this update will benefit you (the advisor):

Having complete and accurate data is the foundation of everything you do as an advisor. That's why we refocused this data health feature, to help you get your client's data to a more complete and accurate state, as required by compliance regulations. (Hence the re-labelling of “Data Health” to "Data Compliance".)

We envision this update will support you with your compliance tasks, as well as provide further assurance that any financial performance analysis you do for your clients is based on accurate and reliable data.

Want to learn more about this feature update?

We shared the details in a recent webinar – watch the recording here.

More to come on this feature…

Here at Aider, we are continuously working on improving our platform for advisors to ensure the efficiency of processes and the accuracy of data.  

The next version of our “Data Compliance” checklist will help you monitor account balances and transactions from the Profit and Loss Report and Balance Sheet Report to quickly spot anomalies that need to be reviewed.

Why leave it there?

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