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Amazon simplifies cross-border payments with Stripe

June 15, 2022

Amazon, one of the most innovative companies in the world, is guided by four keys to success: customer obsession, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking. With these principles in mind, Amazon set out to build a payments infrastructure that not only delivers an innovative and personalized checkout experience, but also a set of payments services that power Amazon’s portfolio of products and businesses around the world.
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As Amazon expanded into new geographies, it sought to bring a new level of simplicity to international payments. Ben Volk, Director of Global Payment Acceptance & Customer Experience, explains, “We’ve really been on a pretty fun international expansion journey over the past six or seven years, thinking about innovations around how we get money to a seller that’s selling cross border, how do we make that currency conversion process trivially easy for them, and how do we make sure they get paid as expected and on time. There’s a lot of complexity in that.”


Amazon partnered with Stripe to streamline global payments experiences, particularly as the company looked to launch in new countries quickly. For example, when Amazon expanded into Poland, the team worked with Stripe to optimize the checkout experience with BLIK, a popular local payment method in the region.


Because Stripe natively supports over 40 payment methods and 135 currencies, Amazon has been able to unlock speed to market and collaborate with Stripe to ensure the payment experience for customers is seamless and tailored to their purchasing preferences. “One of the things we really valued about Stripe is it got us into a lot of different countries quickly and helped lower the barrier of entry for us,” said Volk.

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