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Announcing the Xero Beautiful Business Contest Winner: Alissa Millett of Soulteria

March 30, 2022

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Earlier this year, we announced our Xero Beautiful Business contest, which gave U.S. small business owners the chance to win a $15,000 office refresh by celebrated stylist and interior designer, Estee Stanley. Entrants were asked to submit photos or videos of their office along with a description of why their workspace deserved a makeover.

Submissions flooded in via email and social media, ranging from out-of-date office suites to makeshift, work-from-home setups, each with a unique story to tell. We’ve carefully reviewed each submission and are thrilled to unveil our winner: Alissa Millett, CEO of Soulteria, a luxury sustainable swimwear brand based in San Antonio, Texas.

Hearing from our deserving winner

Read Alissa’s winning submission:

“As visible in my video, my office is in great need of a makeover! When I founded Soulteria in 2019, I poured my entire life savings into my business and didn’t have many resources left for my office space. Through a combination of thrifting and upcycling, I’ve gotten my office area to where it is today.

Over the past few years, in addition to facing the global health pandemic caused by COVID-19, I have had to face many personal life challenges, which began with my health and ultimately culminated in a pending medical separation from my career in the United States Navy. Although during this I found a new outlook on life and my business, I have not been able to do the same for my workspace.

I believe Soulteria is deserving of this makeover because it’s a representation of all the obstacles I’ve had to face to get here. From being raised in a home with a sugar parent, to immigrating to the United States with no money and no plan.

Soulteria is a cumulation of all the destruction and negativity I’ve lived through and a commitment to leave this earth better than I came into it.

I would love an office that truly represents the work Soulteria is doing for young women, our community, and the planet with organization, storage, and tools needed to help us increase our quality of life in this space as well as productivity and style.”

Giving the Soulteria’s workspace an inspiring redesign

Alissa recently completed her 30-minute design consultation with Estee Stanley, in which Estee learned more about Alissa’s goals for her office and what she wants her space to look like. Alissa is looking for a welcoming space that incorporates earthy and natural tones in her office to reflect Soulteria and what they are doing. Estee’s team is working on design boards with ideas to give Soulteria’s workspace the inspirational revamp it needs.

Follow along on Instagram and Facebook to see Alissa’s office makeover transformation. And keep an eye out on Xero’s Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to catch the big unveiling of Soulteria’s new and improved office space in a few months!

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