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Apron named ‘Financial Services Provider of the Year’ at ICB LUCA Awards

November 14, 2023

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We’re thrilled to announce that Apron was recently named ‘Financial Services Provider of the Year’ at the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers LUCA Awards.

This prestigious accolade acknowledges Apron’s commitment to supporting bookkeepers and addressing the immediate and evolving needs of the payments as a service industry.

Thank you, bookkeepers!

The bookkeeping community has warmly welcomed Apron from the start, recognising our dedication to providing essential services to a profession that has long been underserved.

As more bookkeepers step up to offer a range of financial services to their clients, including domestic and international payments, supplier payments, and payroll management, Apron stands out as a reliable partner in navigating the challenges of modern bookkeeping.

You asked, we listened

In conversations with dozens of bookkeepers across the UK, Apron identified a common issue — the existing technology and processes they’re using for client payments are broken.

In response, Apron was purpose-built to revolutionise payment management, offering bookkeepers a streamlined, efficient, and secure solution.

Whether freelancing independently or scaling up within a larger firm, Apron empowers bookkeepers to manage payments with ease, speed, and confidence.

“Bookkeepers don’t get the kind of support or recognition they deserve, even though they can provide essential financial services to clients. We’re so happy to receive this award, and to continue our work making it possible for bookkeepers to offer payments as a service with ease and confidence.” — Bogdan Uzbekov, Apron Co-Founder and CEO.

Apron takes the pain out of payments

Apron offers bookkeepers and accountants an all-in-one payments solution which includes:

  • Apron Hub — A single dashboard displaying clients and pending payments
  • Domestic and international payments without the need to access client bank accounts
  • Customised payment workflow templates intended to speed up payments
  • An ‘Any of’ feature which allows payment approval from any of a user’s chosen approvers
  • Automatic payment detail capture from invoices and scanned documents
  • Automatic payment reconciliation in Xero and QuickBooks

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