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Capture is LIVE. This is not a drill.

May 16, 2024

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We repeat, this is not a drill. This is not another Beta test. Capture, our innovative invoice capture tool, is officially LIVE and ready for action.

After much anticipation and hundreds of early access signups, accountants and bookkeepers can now harness the power of Capture to streamline their invoice management processes like never before.

In case you missed our previous post introducing Capture, let us give you a quick recap.

(And by the way… keep reading because we’ve added some new features to Capture already, based on feedback from the accounting and bookkeeping communities).

What is Capture?

Capture is the ultimate solution for simplifying invoice capture, designed specifically to enhance collaboration between finance professionals and their clients.

It gives you and your clients the ability to snap a photo of a bill, receipt, or invoice on the go and upload it directly to Apron. No complicated logins, no manually typing in details.

We trained Capture’s AI on thousands of financial documents so that it can recognise bank details, payment and VAT amounts, due dates, line items, and even whether something is a personal expense (you just have to add a small comment when uploading for this to happen).

Capture was built with two main goals in mind

  1. To be simple and fast enough for busy business owners to use on the go.
  2. To work on its own for invoice capture, and alongside Apron Payments for a complete end-to-end Accounts Payable solution.

So, what sets Capture apart from other invoice capture tools? Let’s revisit some key highlights:

Affordability: At just £5/month per client (capped at £199/month for your practice, excluding VAT), Capture offers unbeatable value. Plus, if you’re already using Apron Payments, Capture is completely free.

Simplicity: We’ve prioritised ease of use every step of the way. Whether you prefer uploading documents via WhatsApp, email, the Capture app, or drag-and-drop on desktop, we’ve got you covered.

The whole shebang: Say goodbye to fragmented solutions. Capture comes fully loaded with all the features you need, including line item extraction, personal expense management, custom rules, and more.

Now that Capture is live, let’s dive into how it works

1. Client setup: Adding clients to Capture is a breeze. Simply enter their email, and they’ll be seamlessly linked to your Apron account, ready to start uploading documents.

2. Document upload: Choose your preferred method of document upload, whether it’s via WhatsApp, email, the Capture app, or drag-and-drop on desktop. All uploaded documents are centralised within the Capture app for easy review and processing.

3. Automated extraction: Capture intelligently extracts essential information from uploaded documents, including supplier name, total and VAT amounts, invoice number, due dates, and line items. Plus, any comments or notes made during upload are captured automatically.

4. Batch upload and splitting: Easily upload multiple invoices and bills in a single batch, with Capture automatically splitting them into separate documents for processing.

5. Duplicate detection: Capture is equipped to recognise duplicate documents and flag them for your attention, ensuring your records stay clean and accurate.

6. Reconciliation optimisation: Close the books fast. No more chasing clients. Apron rounds up unreconciled transactions, you tick to assign to clients, and they log in, upload docs, and leave comments all in one place. You can do this by linking Apron to Xero or QuickBooks, or by uploading transactions manually. The choice is yours.

And remember, Capture isn’t just a standalone tool — it’s also seamlessly integrated with Apron Payments for a complete end-to-end solution. Maybe we mentioned that already… 🤔

What else is new with Capture?

Like everything at Apron, Capture is built with direct input from real accountants and bookkeepers. Since the Beta testing stage, we’ve added some other features that we know you’ll find really handy.

More detailed tracking: Assign tracking categories in Xero and locations and classes in QuickBooks to support larger businesses with detailed analysis.

(Coming early June 🌤️) Faster bulk actions: Streamline processes by performing bulk actions across multiple documents (such as batch archive and batch edit).

Eyes on missing docs: Enhanced missing documents workflow with “Uncategorised Expenses” being pulled directly from QuickBooks and “Unreconciled Transactions” being pulled directly from Xero.

What the Apron community has to say

“Having used [Capture] for a few months now, I’ve been really impressed at how much quicker and more accurate it is than the current main player in the market. It works seamlessly with the payments side too, as you’d expect.” Emma James, The Number Ninja

“Not only does the speed of processing invoices submitted to Capture beat the competition but it is a joy to use, with intuitive processing steps, and we can now process in seconds what our previous software would take hours to do.” Charlie Carne, Charlie Carne & Co.

“I’ve loved working with the Apron team over the last year and the next exciting step is Capture. This means they’ve got end to end payments, from getting the invoice into your software right through to paying the supplier. It’s really simple & great for businesses of all sizes.” Lara Manton MICB, LJM Bookkeeping Ltd.

As we celebrate the launch of Capture, rest assured that we’re always listening to your feedback and working to improve the platform even further. So, if there’s a feature you’re eager to see, stay tuned — it may be coming sooner than you think.

Ready to experience the future of invoice capture? Get started with Capture now for just £5/month per client. Your streamlined, stress-free invoicing journey awaits!

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