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Crezco – free payments, settled instantly and integrated with Xero for automatic reconciliation

September 24, 2021

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Who are Crezco? 

Crezco is a UK B2B payment technology start-up. Crezco’s solution makes invoice payments as convenient as contactless card payments, but without the fees. The company leverages open banking to by pass the card schemes and the other inter me diaries, there by providing a faster, frictionless and free payment solution. Crezco’s founder and CEO Ralph Rogge likens the solution to WhatsApp: “WhatsApp provides instant free messaging online by not relying on the cellular SMS messaging scheme, Crezco does the same by processing payments via open banking.”

What are the benefits?

It’s free

Unlike other payment schemes, Crezco processes domestic transactions online for free. Estimated savings on a single £1,000 invoice are between £16.20 and £40.05. This has an immediate impact on any company’s top-line, but an even greater impact on their bottom-line profit margins.

Instant settlement

Card schemes take weeks to settle funds in some circumstances, whereas payments via Crezco settle in seconds, giving businesses greater buying power.

Fraud protection

With Crezco, customers do not share sensitive payment card information online to checkout, like their name, address and card number. Crezco redirects your customers to their chosen bank and messages the bank securely via encrypted APIs with the necessary payment information. Furthermore, Crezco proprietary risk systems protect your customers against push-payment and invoice fraud.  

Integrated with Xero

Log in to Crezco with your Xero credentials, link your account in under 5 minutes and send your invoices as normal to be paid instantly via Crezco. Find us on the Xero App Store here.

Automatic reconciliation

Crezco’s system is tightly and conveniently integrated with Xero, assuring all invoices are marked as paid and reconciled instantly. Not just saving you from unnecessary fees, Crezco saves you hours in unnecessary administrative work so you can spend more time on what matters most.

Customer support

Any good app must have an excellent helpline that’s available to solve any operational issues, when (and if) they do arise. Crezco prides itself on its live support team, no long wait times or automated services, speak to a real person who can help, straight away. Our customers’ feedback and suggestions help drive innovation and future product ideas.

Xero integration

Crezco’s payment solution is integrated with Xero and judging by their reviews on the Xero App Store, it’s a promis ingalternative to the likes of Stripe, GoCardless and PayPal. Users continue to send invoices from their Xero account as normal, with no need to adopt and learn any new software tools, but now they get paid sooner and without fees.  

Video of user sending an invoice in Xero

Video of customer paying invoice with Crezco

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