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FinTech startup, Clarity, launches next-generation business planning solution

October 8, 2021

5D Planning enables accountants to plan their small business clients’ futures from every dimension

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Clarity is delighted to announce the launch of 5D planning, enabling accountants to plan their small business clients’ futures from every dimension that truly matters.

Business planning is critical for success. Yet surveys show that fewer than 5% of small business owners have even a very basic financial plan. When asked, accountants often give the following responses; “clients don’t ‘get it’", “clients don’t understand the value”, “clients don’t want to pay for it”, or, as a firm, “we don’t have the resources, structure or time”, or “we’re totally overwhelmed by compliance work”. 5D Planning sets out to solve these challenges.

Clarity CEO, Aynsley Damery, said, “Our next-generation business planning is like nothing accountants have seen before. It’s delivered in a way that’s both beautifully elegant and simple. Simple enough that more of their team members can get involved in delivering business advisory services. Elegant enough that their clients finally ‘get it’ and understand how they can add value! Combine that level of planning with the ability to see whether your clients are on or off-track AND more importantly the reasons why. You’ve now got a complete end-to-end system that will create a significant impact for not only your clients but your firm too.”

Repeatable business advisory at scale

With Clarity’s 5D Planning, accountants will be able to do most of this work at the click of a button, using integrated cloud solutions(or manual entry for those not on cloud). That means accounting firms can now deliver business advisory repeatably and at scale across all their business clients. 

Clarity COO, Steven Briginshaw, added, “Finally, a joined-up and complete end-to-end process that works, that clients understand and that creates immense value. A process, that, for the very first time, enables accountants to deliver business advisory services profitably and time effectively for the firm, yet affordably for their clients. Truly leveraging the power of people, process and technology.”

Why 5D Planning?

We know that traditional financial plans on their own don’t work for small business owners. They don’t understand them. They don’t understand what they need to do to achieve them and they don’t understand how to use them to see how they are doing and whether they’re on or offtrack.

Most planning tools and systems are one or possibly two dimensional and may just focus on cash or cashflow. Often planning tools don’t look at the entire business model; how it will deliver value, and/or how it will grow sustainably, how it will turn operating profit into operating cash, how it will innovate and how it will help the business owner achieve their goals. But most importantly, they rarely focus on how a business owner is going actually to achieve the plan in the first place!

5D Planning changes all this.

Aynsley Damery said, “Getting Clarity changes everything for you and your clients! To find out how quick and simple 5D Planning is to use, how you can easily demonstrate value to your clients and prospects and how we provide you with a joined up and complete approach to delivering business advisory services at scale – go to our website and book a demo with one of the team.”

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