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From Xerocon London 2019: Be the best you. Why wait?

If you could change one small thing in your life? In your business? What would that be?
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How about one BIG thing in your life? Business?

And yet there’s a reason you don’t make those changes. Why?

Can I take a guess? I think it’s probably because you are scared of the consequences of any decisions should it not go your way.

So you would prefer to stay where you are, because its comfortable/secure/familiar.

Xero fans, will know me from my opening keynote day 2 at Xerocon London 2019. I’m Brad Burton, The UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker.  Well I am now. I used to be Brad Burton, the long-term jobseeker on benefits for four years. So, what changed?

I did.

Pebbles in shoes don’t magic their way out, the size of the pebble doesn’t change, it doesn’t grow, yet somehow over time the pain it creates does. they just get more and more painful over time. Not making change, not dealing with problems is the same.  

Change is never easy. Even more so when decisions are sometimes made on your behalf.

Like any divorce. Initially.
It’s all tears.
Worst day ever.
“I’ll never find happiness again.”  
A few later years... Woohoo – Thank God I left that idiot.

Now What?

But in order to move on, you have to move on.

Please answer this question, before reading on.

Do you consider yourself an expert in your field?

See here’s something I teach and 100% believe to be true, that changed the way I approach decisions, approach change. Making it a whole lot easier.

An expert is someone who has made all the mistakes in a particular niche field. If you want to be considered the expert you need to make all the mistakes within your field, in order to make them, you have to make more decisions.

Also, a mistake is only a mistake after the event, up until that point it’s the correct decision, no one including me wakes up and says “You know what, I think I’m gonna go mess up today!”

The reason we don’t make change, resist decisions, is we’re scared they are the wrong ones.

But think about it this way- make a decision, if it’s the wrong one, it moves you one step towards being an expert. If you get it right, one step towards success. You really can’t lose.

I can also tell you this – any seemingly insurmountable problem you currently face will one day no longer be as big as it feels right now. That’s not to say it isn’t difficult to deal with, but uncomfortable change in fact allows each of us to grow.

In 2004, I told my employer to shove his job up his arse.  No money. £25,000 in personal debt, I started my first business, delivering Pizza at weekend to keep it afloat.

I had no real idea of what I was going to do or how I was going to do it. Just knew it was time for change, and that I’d come to the end of the line of someone else being in control of my life, my destination, my destiny.

Those close to me told me I was making a crazy decision... End of days. Massive uncertainty.

I didn’t starve to death. At times it’s been tough. There’s been eleven really hard times since then and each time I’ve questioned whether I’ve made the right decision. But I kept going.

Now - I really looked forward to going to Disney with my kids in the summer. The house I live in has 3 more bedrooms than the one I used to live in. I have on occasion made more money in one hour than it used to take me 6 weeks to earn.

And those people that in 2004 that said, “You’re crazy walking out of your job” are still in the same place. Their job.

I’ll bet they would swap positions with me. My daft idea is no longer considered daft. Now.

Significant change is always an uncomfortable opportunity.

Whether you see it like that will determine whether you benefit from the change. Life, business, change has a way of sorting itself out.

Would I have ended up starting my own business, writing books, speaking, if I was still the same guy I was in my 20s? Of course not.

So your ingredients are your ingredients, but your recipe that can be changed and tweaked at any time.

Are you ready to have your mind blown? Every single decision you have ever made in your life has brought you to this point, to be reading THIS article.

I’ve written this specifically for you.

Are you up for the change? As in really? If not, accept that you have just made the decision. The decision to stay as you are.

Make better decisions. Faster. So those big and small changes you face, require decisions.

At Xerocon I shared with the audience my 24 secs 24 mins 24 hours model I created and which I use in order to help me make better decisions. Faster.

I make a decision in 24s, if I can’t make it within that time I revisit it in 24m if after that I can’t. I’ll come back in 24h if after that point, I can’t make a decision. I just made a decision. Its not important. Next.

Everything in life - the decisions are down to you.

You have a choice to make now, a change to action.

If you want to make change to your life, business, as in really make change, then make a decision today.

Where you end up on life, and your success depends on it.

You can change yours too. You got about 23 seconds to go before you make that decision….

Your success or failure depends on it.

Rock and Roll accountants anybody, Xero, CHANGED THE GAME.

I’ll see you at Xerocon London 2020!

Why leave it there?

Brad Burton – The UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker

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