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FYI Integration, internal notes + more

August 22, 2023

FYI Integration, internal notes + more
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Here's all the new functionality that was released in latest update:

1. FYI Docs integration

Import your client list from FYI, and automatically sync files & exports back to that client in FYI.

Choose a cabinet, category & option for files to be added to.

A "web link" back to Content Snare is also created in FYI when you publish a request.

Learn how it works here.  

2. Internal notes

In the comments panel, you can opt to create an "internal note" that is only visible to your team, not clients.

3. Move fields between pages

When you're building a request, you can now drag a field onto another page to move it there. This currently only works in the left panel - not when dragging from the main window.

See it in action here.

4. Option to send reject emails once per day or every time

On the company settings page, there is a new option to "Limit field rejection notifications to your client to once per day per request".

By default this is off, so clients will receive an email every time you reject a field. Turning it on means that they'll only receive the first email each day.

Other minor changes and improvements

  • Option to exclude field status updates from exports
  • Lots of new webhook triggers, including comments and team members

Why leave it there?

To find out more about Content Snare

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