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Getting ready for Xero’s refreshed app partner program!

June 3, 2020

Here at Xero a big part of our mission is focussed on building a vibrant community of developers whose integrations with Xero help shape and grow the future of small businesses globally.
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Our app partner program is a big part of how we build this community. To ensure we can continue to help our app partners grow and deliver the most value to our mutual customers, we’re currently refreshing the program, and look forward to launching it later this year.

To help you position yourself a step ahead, we want to give you early notice of the technical requirements for the new program.

1. OAuth 2.0

Still need to migrate to OAuth 2.0? If you haven’t already factored into your roadmap, you need to migrate by the end of 2020 . We’re asking our app partners to upgrade to OAuth 2.0 as soon as possible, you can find out all you need to know here.

2. Sign In with Xero

By implementing Sign In with Xero, your Xero customers can use your app with their Xero credentials. Sign in with Xero is easy to implement, and is a simple, secure and seamless experience for you and your customers. To find out more about how to build Sign In with Xero into your app click here.

3. Sign Up with Xero

Enabling Sign Up with Xero makes it as easy as possible for visitors to your listing in our app marketplace to get up and running with your app. The easier it is to start a trial the more likely you are to have an opportunity to convert them into a customer. Currently Sign Up with Xero is not available to all our app partners and is under exclusive access. You can get ready for it by checking our guide here.

Enabling a secure and seamless trial and login experience is an important part of our vision for our app marketplace, for our partners and our shared customers. So if you want to be among the first partners to join the new program then it is time to get OAuth 2.0, Sign In with Xero and Sign Up with Xero onto your roadmap.

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