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See your business health check and insights anytime and anywhere with XBert

March 13, 2020

Our personal lives and the world of business are becoming increasingly mobile. Luckily, there are many apps, tools, video conferencing and cloud software programs available to make it possible to operate a business from wherever you are. However, it's not always easy to get accurate, up-to-date and straightforward reports on business numbers and trends when you need them. That's the problem XBert solves.
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Improve data integrity and compliance and stay a step ahead in business

XBert was developed to give small businesses visibility over bookkeeping and their business position, to help owners collaborate better with bookkeepers and accountants, and for everyone to save time and money.

XBert is a Xero connected app that analyses cloud accounting data hourly looking for anomalies, patterns and errors. At a glance, you can track the health of your business with snapshots, charts and risk alerts that are also updated every hour.

With XBert, you and your bookkeeper can say goodbye to manual bookkeeping checks and wasteful tasks. You're alerted to bookkeeping risks and mistakes like when we humans or automated entry software don't get it right.

XBert delivers powerful automation, AI and machine learning to small businesses at low-cost. Since XBert is web-based, there’s nothing to download or install. You can access XBert on any device, anytime and anywhere. You'll have more accurate data and reports, and that means you can make better and informed business decisions.

XBert Snapshots Desktop Phone edm image

Doing business here, there and everywhere

Running a business is challenging enough and few people have the opportunity to be at a computer all day completing all the administration and bookkeeping tasks that need doing.

Some people are constantly on the go for their business, but most of us spend at least part of our workday away from the desk. You could be working from home, on-site, in meetings, visiting clients, at an event, on a course, travelling, at an airport or hotel, or dealing with anything that life throws your way.

Mobility brings many advantages like efficiency, flexibility, connectivity and convenience and allows you to stay on top of things.

However, mobility can also make it hard to 'switch off' and means nights, weekends and holidays become an extension of your working week. Customers, suppliers and partners may expect you to be contactable at all times regardless of where you are or what you're doing.

Just say you’re at your child’s soccer game on Saturday morning. An important customer has an urgent request for a large order worth $20,000 needed by Wednesday. Most business owners will jump on the phone straight away to ensure the request is met. If they wait until Monday, a competitor might get that $20,000.

Without an up-to-date picture of your cash flow or financial status when needed, how can you make the best business decisions?

Business health checks and insights when you want them

Wherever you are, and whatever the device you use, you can track the health of your business at any time using XBert.

XBert’s AI-powered and visual business alerts, snapshots and charts give you actionable and up-to-date insights. You’ll have a clearer understanding of your cash flow, business forecasts, patterns and trends. Alternatively, if you’re a bookkeeper or accountant using XBert CONNECT to manage multiple businesses, you can discuss these insights with your clients and enhance your relationships.

Data-driven decision making is better business.

XBert Insights 900

XBert in action

Our system of intelligent alerts means you can fix mistakes or issues as they arise - before it's too late and the money is gone for good!

You'll mitigate bookkeeping errors and financial risks, improve compliance and stress less. Your accounting data will be more accurate, and so will your reports.

As well as up-to-date insights, XBert was built for collaboration. You can invite your colleagues, finance staff, bookkeeper and accountant to your XBert team and XBert CONNECT customers can invite clients.

Create tasks and assign XBerts and tasks to yourself as a reminder, or to a team member to manage. All discussion and activity are kept in one place, and risk alerts are resolved quickly and efficiently with a direct link to the relevant Xero entry.

The alerts, called XBerts, will spot:

  • Duplicate bills, invoices and contacts
  • Account coding errors
  • Payments or invoices to contacts with an inactive or changed sales tax status, e.g. a supplier charging GST when they’re not registered to charge it
  • Incorrect or cancelled business registrations
  • Unusual activity, e.g. monthly billing that doesn’t match previous months for a supplier
  • Debtor risks such as overdue invoices outside the normal behaviour for a customer
  • Accounts payable processes not followed
  • Missing supplier payments
  • Manual adjustment of Profit and Loss

Plus, so many more!

We’re continually releasing new alerts to ensure your books are kept accurate and updated. XBert's AI and machine learning do the hard work for you and helping you and your bookkeeper save time and saving the business money.

Peace of mind and stay on top of your business

Being on the go can be great for business. It means you can attend events, network, nurture customers and undertake education and training.

Cloud software, mobile quoting, invoice and payment programs, automated receipt capture and data entry, video conferencing and management tools help small businesses operate whatever you do and wherever you are.

With XBert, you get the visibility over business health and financial records you always wanted. You can trust the numbers and make informed business decisions.

XBert will alert you to risks before you know the risks exist and will find things that are difficult or time-consuming to find, or that even trained eyes may miss. You'll save money that can be put towards growing your business.

The automation of manual bookkeeping checks and audits will save you hours, so you have more time for what matters most.

XBert is an easy-to-use, low-cost Xero add-on for business owners, finance teams, bookkeepers and accountants to stay a step ahead in business.

If you're serious about business success, sync your accounting data with XBert. In minutes, you'll discover the amount of money at risk and how to prevent losing it.

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