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G-Accon and Business Intelligence: an Affordable Solution

In the realm of business, one of the most important aspects of smoothly running a company is being able to analyze data and pinpoint areas that need improvement…
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Business Intelligence (BI) is a recently developed, technology-based method that allows executives and other decision-makers to compile their business data in a clear, effective way that concisely presents the findings. Using a variety of tools, applications, and programs, BI is able to present comprehensive reports and visuals.

Business Intelligence is the next big trend in business data analysis, so how exactly can your company acquire these BI tools? Are these tools only available to large, established corporations? Are they costly? The answer is No. Business Intelligence is surprisingly affordable and attainable for all companies and G-Accon is a crucial asset that exists to help your business with it.

G-Accon seamlessly works hand-in-hand with other popular business tools such as Google Chart, Google Data Studio, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI to provide your company with thorough business reports. G-Accon essentially acts as a bridge between your company’s financial data and cohesive visualization tools that can be used to powerfully present your figures and statistics.

For example, your company can use G-Accon and Google Chart in tandem to produce compelling results. First, your company would generate financial reports by using the G-Accon Add-on from your Xero accounts. G-Accon would pull the financial data from your multiple Xero accounts. Then, you would have the ability to create a visual representation of the data by using Google Chart. Next, you would be able to publish this chart as an embedded object on your website and. Finally, G-Accon for Xero would be able to offer numerous reports in the historical layout that perfectly fit the Chart functionality.

A notable function is that the data in the chart gets manually or automatically refreshed, which allows your company to utilize these dynamically generated reports and charts.

Another BI tool that merges well with G-Accon is Google Data Studio. Google Data Studio is a free online data visualization tool that allows companies to crisply present the G-Accon generated financial data to your team, customers, and upper management. Data can be manually refreshed or set to automatically refresh in 15 minutes, 4 hours, or 12-hour increments.

Other companies might be wondering what other tools, if any, are available for my company to use? A third business tool that works will with G-Accon is Tableau. Tableau Public is another free tool that can be used to visually present your company’s financial data. Similarly to Google Data Studio, Tableau is able to interactively showcase the data that G-Accon produces for your company. It also has the ability to automatically update data.

The final option available for use in conjunction with G-Accon is Microsoft Power BI Desktop. It is also free and can be downloaded onto Windows OS. Power BI hosts a wide array of business analytics tools that can be used to develop, analyze, and present your company’s data.

Using the G-Accon Add-on for your Xero accounts makes it simple to move your data for your Power BI tools.

To summarize, there are many affordable, or free, tools that exist to visualize your company’s financial data, including Google Data Studio, Google Chart, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and more. These applications allow you to present your information in a very rich, aesthetically-pleasing way. G-Accon is the perfect liaison between your data and presentation that allows you to spend less time focusing on data and formatting, and more time focusing on what really matters — the success of your company.

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