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G-Accon’s 2023 in Review: Financial Data Management Redefined

January 19, 2024

As the 2024 canvas opens, it’s the perfect time to reflect on what a remarkable chapter 2023 has been. Last year, our services witnessed a path-breaking journey fueled by continuous development and filled with many accomplishments. Celebrate with us and learn how we’ve reshaped the cloud-based financial data management industry over the past 12 months.
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Throughout the last year, we continued working to bring to life our vision of simplifying financial and accounting automation in Google Sheets. In this sense, G-Accon’s steady growth and joint success wouldn’t have been possible without you. Your feedback and engagement have also served as a cornerstone in steering our products’ course.

This article overviews the most significant accolades, annual stats, and popular product releases and spotlights our users’ satisfaction. From prominent awards to expanding our user base and product offerings, let’s jump into these highlights about the G-Accon community.

Industry Recognition of Leading Financial Reporting Practices

Based on G2’s rating system, contrasted data, and customer reviews, G-Accon was ranked #1 in several categories across several Financial Reporting categories for G2 winter’s reports, including Best Estimated ROI, Best Results Mid-Market, Fastest Implementation, and Most Implementable Mid-Market for Winter 2024. Our solution was awarded an impressive 25 badges in total.

The results speak for themselves. G2’s stats revealed a champion Mid-Market Implementation score. Compared to the category’s average of 2 months and a half, implementing G-Accon’s solutions takes our users less than seven days. Find out more about G-Accon’s winning features like this one, which we’ve covered in our end-of-year G2 awards article.

Also last year, AccountingToday released a curated list with over 40+ apps –informed by expert voices in the industry– featuring G-Accon as the go-to tool for accountants. Shannon Weinstein, president of fractional CFO service Keep What You Earn Co., chose G-Accon due to our hassle-free integration between Google Sheets and accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks. He also commended our seamless automation functionality, which enhanced his QBO reporting.

Expanded Business Reach and User Base Growth

Let’s discuss statistics! The year 2023 also saw G-Accon delving into its reach. Overall, our QuickBooks user base surged by 55%. Moreover, over 4,000 new businesses started using G-Accon for QuickBooks in the QuickBooks App Store alone. This integration enabled these businesses to automate their reporting and bulk data exports and imports. These functionalities ultimately have had a significant impact on their operational efficiency and data management.

Similarly, Xero’s user base reliance on our services surged by 41% over the year. Besides, our community’s voice grew louder, with over 116 reviews on the QuickBooks App Store, 128 on Xero App Store, and 97 on G2. These participations have promoted widespread recognition and satisfaction with our offerings.

We also developed and powered two new additions to the Google Workspace Marketplace: G-CashFlow and G-Accon for Sage Cloud Accounting. The former is a 3-way cash flow forecast, and the latter builds tailored reports and dashboards, automatically handling Sage data directly from Google Sheets. These implementations reflect our dedication to enhancing our products’ capabilities while meeting the diverse needs of our users.

Customized Financial Reporting at the Forefront

Staying ahead of market trends has always been at the heart of G-Accon’s mission. As a result,  2023 was a year of game-changing releases. We deployed over 200 new features and reports, focusing on customizing and automating financial reporting.

Among the most popular new features launched in 2023 were

  • G-Accon Cloud Template Library, a set of structured templates you can customize for your business needs.
  • KPI Dashboards for QuickBooks and Xero users, a package of cloud templates providing an overview of your business’s key financial metrics.
  • Annotations: Add Columns, Comments, Rows, and Formulas to your Reports to organize and visualize your data efficiently.
  • Business Overview Reports (Pre-Designed Templates) for QuickBooks and Xero.
  • QuickBooks Consolidated Multi-Currency Reporting with Live and Custom Exchange Rates.

All these features help to make a difference in our customers’ operational efficiency by simplifying financial reporting. It’s our commitment to continue providing users with advanced tools for data-driven analysis and decision-making.

Unanimous Users’ Feedback Propelling Our Progress

Considering how G-Accon continued transforming its clients’ financial reporting and analysis, 2023 echoed user satisfaction in all our review platforms. Here’s what our customers are saying about us:

At G-Accon, continuous improvement is more than just a goal; it’s a core part of our culture. We believe there is always room for growth and improvement, and we’re working towards improving our solutions daily.

For us, 2024 is not just another year; it’s an opportunity to make a bigger impact and continue providing you with the best financial automation solutions. We’re ready for the challenge and hope you’ll continue supporting us in your automation journey.

Also, thank you for being a part of G-Accon’s story. We’re grateful for your continued trust and are excited to share future updates with you. Here’s to a successful and innovative 2024!

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