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Global Goal of the Month: Quality Education for All

July 7, 2021

This month’s Global Goal of the month is Quality Education for All. A goal focused on ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning.
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Education is the key to a brighter future, yet 39% of people living in poverty worldwide have no formal education at all. By providing access to quality education, we’re not only empowering each individual; we’re empowering communities and countries to break out of the poverty cycle.

Education enables upward socioeconomic mobility and is a key to escaping poverty. Over the past decade, major progress was made towards increasing access to education and school enrollment rates at all levels, particularly for girls. Nevertheless, about 260 million children were still out of school in 2018 — nearly one-fifth of the global population in that age group. And more than half of all children and adolescents worldwide are not meeting minimum proficiency standards in reading and mathematics.

This month’s goal:

That’s why this month’s Global Goal of the month is Goal number 4: Quality education for all. A goal focused on ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning.

At Clarity, we feel extremely passionate about this. It is such an important goal and one that we prioritize in our everyday giving.

At Clarity, we make an impact through our web events and Getting Clear workshop. With every workshop graduate/event attendee, Clarity will protect a young girl from sex trafficking by keeping her in school. Each attendee on a web event gives a day of e-learning access to a child in India.

Learn more about our impacts here.

Since partnering with B1G1, clarity has made 224,062 impacts for this Global Goal. Meaning we have provided those less fortunate than ourselves with education and contributed hugely towards the Global Goals’ targets each year.  

What can you do to help?

There are plenty of projects to give to on the B1G1 website, as well as resources and volunteering opportunities to check out.

Why leave it there?

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