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HedgeFlows wins 'Best Innovation' and 'Best New Business' categories at the Best Business Awards 23

March 15, 2023

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HedgeFlows has been announced as winner of the 'Best New Business' and 'Best Innovation' categories at the 2023 Best Business Awards.

It's not everyday you can say you are a winner, but today is one of those days for HedgeFlows!

We're so happy to announce that our platform and business have been awarded with the 'Best Innovation' and 'Best New Business' categories at the Best Business Awards 2023.

When we say we offer a fresh approach to risk management, FX and international payments, it's just our words. But when your platform wins not just one but two recognitions to back it up, then that's the plus to make it even more real.


HedgeFlows is an affordable SaaS alternative to expensive enterprise solutions that help streamline international payments, fraud prevention and currency management. We create impact by building sophisticated, yet easy-to-use technology that empowers SMEs to trade fairly and safely.

Our platform harness data from the most popular accounting systems to sync past, current and upcoming currency cashflows. Finance teams can use this powerful integration to streamline invoicing and payment processes. In just three minutes from creating a HedgeFlows account and integrating it with your system, you can easily access risk management best practices and expertise previously available only to larger corporations. The platform automatically identifies and quantifies financial risks providing timely actionable data for Financial Directors and their teams to make informed decisions.


After 20 years helping the world's largest banks and corporations reduce the risks and costs of trading in foreign markets, our founders saw an opportunity to level up the playing field for small companies. SMEs don't currently have access to the right tools or support to trade internationally in a safe and easy way as big companies do.

HedgeFlows was created to change that, and we couldn't be happier our efforts are now being recognised in the shape of two award categories!


Commenting on HedgeFlows, the chairman of the judges said: "Congratulations to HedgeFlows for giving smaller businesses access to the same international trading tools that large corporates have been using for decades. Using the smart HedgeFlows toolkit, which helps remove the financial risk and complexities of trading in foreign currencies, smaller companies can trade internationally more easily".

The Best Business Awards are one of the UK's highest profile awards. The Awards attract a wide range of entries from across all sectors from large international PLCs and public sector organisations to dynamic and innovative SMEs.


Getting access to top knowledge and sophisticated and intuitive solutions is easier than ever. Get in touch with us to discuss a winning approach for your international finances.

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