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How to: Using Suite Files & Xero

Xero Practice Manager is a powerful piece of software, with the ability to easily manage your jobs, client details, timesheets and more. But the more you make use of connected apps the greater time savings you can drive within your practice...
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Using SuiteFiles and XPM together gives you the ability to maintain one system, XPM as a single source of truth for your client details and job management, but gives you the ability to do so much more than you can with XPM alone. We spoke to our clients to find out their favourite parts of using XPM & SuiteFiles together.

Truly two-way integration

SuiteFiles and XPM are truly 2-way integrated, which means that information flows between both systems. Whenever you create a client in XPM, their folder and subfolder structure is generated in seconds, and is available in SuiteFiles instantly. It also means you can access all of the documents relating to your client, job or quote from within XPM, no need to switch between systems. You can also upload documents straight to SuiteFiles from within XPM and use the integration to automatically create new job and quote folders as they enter XPM.

SuiteFiles was built with accountants and XPM in mind, and the integration was working on by both Xero and SuiteFiles for months to ensure it was seamless, making using the systems together simple.

Document management within XPM

One of Xero’s strength is it’s Ecosystem partners, who add on a range of functionality to their core product. This is especially true in the instance of XPM, which relies on third party integrations for Document Management. SuiteFiles is able to be accessed from directly within XPM, you can browse through your document library, create new folders, upload and preview documents without leaving Practice Manager. SuiteFiles quite literally becomes a part of XPM.

This also allows users to get the full benefits of cloud-based document management through SuiteFiles. With your documents able to be accessed from anywhere in the world, without the need to remotely login to a server. It means that your client documents are being backed up each day, and stored with enterprise grade security in a data center that is local to you. When combined with our two-way integration, it creates a potent combination of features that provide robust practice management ability and time-saving opportunities.

Powerful templating

One of the best parts of integrating your client/practice management solution with your document management system is the ability to use your client data to auto-populate templated documents and emails you might have. SuiteFiles gives you the ability to create templates for cover letters, engagement letters, workpapers, year-end letters and more. So long as it is an Office document type, you can create a template and then use the data in XPM, both the standard and custom fields – to populate that document or email and send it straight out into the relevant client.

Another benefit of this style of templating is that whenever you update the data in Practice Manager, you don’t also need to make that update in SuiteFiles, as it will just flow through when you next populate a template. It’ll also mean if you make updates to your own practice or user data, then those will flow through to your templates.

Document signing

Building on template capabilities, SuiteFiles document signing makes it easy to send any of those documents out to be signed by your clients. They’ll receive automatic email asking them to sign the document, as well as a copy as soon as everyone has signed the document. From within XPM you’ll be able to see anything that client has signed. SuiteFiles will also store a record of who has viewed and signed the document and give you the ability to set an expiry date, issue reminders and more.

Any document that can be converted to a PDF can be set up for signing, and there is no limit to the number of signatures you can request. Plus – your clients can use their Xero credentials to access any documents they may need to sign, plus other Single Sign On options.

Easy communication register

By linking XPM and SuiteFiles you create a single register of communications with your client.

You can see the hours staff spend working on a specific client or job, as well as all of the email communication going to the client. SuiteFiles will automatically file your email conversations relating to a client or job in the relevant folder, so you can access these directly from XPM, making it easy to see what’s been communicated to the client thus far and to pick up on any possible issues or oversights.

The integration with Outlook and email also means that you can quickly attach any Xero reports or other collateral that’s saved within SuiteFiles and send it out to the client quickly and easily.

There are over 30 apps that integrate into XPM and each of them opens up a whole range of possible ways to get some time back in your day for whatever you think is more important. By using SuiteFiles and XPM in conjunction, you help remove the risk of duplicate data and open up a number of ways to save time.

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