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Human at the heart of Customer Experience

It’s an exciting time in the business world, a time of perpetual change and rapid transformation. New and different ideas are literally popping everyday…
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Less common, but far more precious in this crazy and competitive environment, are things that stand as undeniably true and real.

And I’ve got one.

At Xero, there’s an enduring approach to the way our customers experience their relationship with us that’s unique and more than just different. It’s differentiating – because its matters to our customers, they value it and it creates a source of inspiration and pride for all of us at Xero.

We call it an “inside-out” approach to the way customers and partners experience their relationships with our brand — equal parts philosophy and management system — that operates on the simple belief that the quality of the experience of our customers flows directly from the quality of the human experience inside Xero.

With a deeply meaningful purpose to make the lives of small businesses and their advisors more successful, our people are able to do the best work of their lives and from that, all else flows.

It ripples out across every aspect of our operations, our ecosystem, our accounting and bookkeeping partners and our mutual small business customers.

And, of course it’s a philosophy that has stood the test of time and fueled our growth, and it’s a model that’s evolving.

As we scale, we continue to build on this human foundation with advanced technologies, from machine learning to elegant design to ensure that with growth we not only preserve, we improve, the quality of the customer experience.

The guiding principle here is the fundamental shift from traditional thinking about customer support, to the forward-looking delivery of customer success – with deep learning machines anticipating the next development from previous experience and standing ready with answers to questions the customer hasn’t yet had reason to ask.

This is how we blend the essential capabilities of customer success, and it’s how we see AI and great people co-existing to deliver a magical customer experience, at scale.

Learning systems can anticipate and optimize, but they can’t provide the spark of human creativity or passion. So the customer experience from Xero will allow the machines to do what they do best, and our people to do what they do best.

And that is a true and real as our commitment to improve the quality of life for every customer that’s placed their trust and confidence in Xero.

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