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Let the robots take the hard-work out of your invoice processing

April 29, 2020

It's not often I get excited and start banging the drum, but our new Invoice Express is a game changer. It's so simple, yet so incredibly accurate and easy to use that every single Zahara customer should take a look. It doesn't matter if you use ABBYY FlexiCapture or SmartInvoice, or key the invoices manually - the simplicity and elegancy of this no-software software should peek your interest.
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This is how easy it is to use:

  1. Invoices get emailed into Zahara - couldn't be easier - just create your email address if you haven't done that already.
  2. The invoices are read and coded as per your habit for that supplier.
  3. You click a few buttons and it's on it's way to approval or export.

That's it. No software to install. No irritating error messages. No learning. Just great accuracy and a user friendly interface every time. It is genuinely a game changer.

Obviously any purchase order numbers are found and read so therefore matched against the order, and we check bank details to make sure the invoice isn't a scammed one. We have included page splitting of PDF's and forwarded emails will still match against the correct supplier. We have put all our knowledge of invoice processing right into the heart of Zahara without having to use any third parties logic or rules. It's all ours.

So how do you give it a go?

If you sign up for our 30-day free trial, we will allocate 50 invoices to you so you can have a play. Already trialling? You’ve already got your 50 pages. All you need to do is email an invoice into Zahara and this help article explains that if you need help.

We have line-by-line invoice matching coming on the next release as well as more progress on Zahara 3. But for now, I appreciate you have a hundred and one things to worry about but make checking this out a priority because we are all changing the way we work going forward and Invoice Express is perfectly suited for the post Covid working world where paper invoices will simply not play any part in anyone's process.

Why leave it there?

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