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Leverage the power of a fully-integrated POS solution for restaurant growth

Whether you run a cafe, QSR, cloud kitchen, or anything in between, discover why moving to an integrated restaurant management system is imperative not only to streamline operations but also to power growth.
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A fully-integrated POS system is the holy grail of the F&B industry. From managing all your in-store and online sales channels in one place, to an automated kitchen-to-doorstep order fulfillment workflow. Plus, total control of your inventory and accounting, and access to customer insights and live analytics–all in a centralized platform.

There are numerous ways an all-in-one solution can help you maximize profitability, minimize inefficiency, and take your restaurant business to the next level.

Multiple Revenue Channels in One Centralized POS

Arguably the biggest advantage of an integrated POS system is the ability to manage and fulfil orders from multiple sales channels in one place. Be it walk-in, take-away, dine-in, or even self-ordering.

With contactless ordering being a fixture in the ‘new normal’ dining scene, leading POS providers offer in-built solutions for self-ordering and QR code ordering, without the hassle and IT headaches of partnering with third-party systems.

And if you’ve set up your own online store or are partnered with third-party food ordering platforms, you can manage them all centrally. When a customer places an order through your website, Facebook or partner store, it arrives directly into your POS, meaning you no longer have to maneuver multiple tablets to run your in-house and online stores. Eliminating manual data entry and the risk of incorrect orders.

Total Automated Order Journey

A fully-integrated solution is designed to work seamlessly with add-on modules in your operations for streamlined communication and workflow. Orders are automatically routed to your kitchen display system and your delivery management system for complete visibility of the order journey and unrivalled data integrity and accuracy.

When an order is ready, you can have generated token numbers instantly flash on an elegant screen above your counter. It’s great for quick and easy service!

Centralized Menu Management

With a robust integration, you can manage your menu centrally including update items, prices and availability for multiple outlets in real-time.

Furthermore, connecting your partner stores to your POS can be achieved within minutes. You can sync your POS menu to your respective partner menus with a few clicks. Menu items selected, along with their images, descriptions and modifiers, instantly reflect on your partner store.

For updating a menu item or marking it unavailable, and adding store configurations or discounts, you won’t need to contact your provider. This can easily be done straight from your POS in real time so it’s always up to date; minimizing effort and maximizing resources.

100% Delivery Efficiency Control

An efficient delivery management system gives you real-time insights into your entire order cycle as it happens – placement, preparation, pick-up, and delivery. You can monitor every stage, identify bottlenecks, and optimize operations.

Order details and driver information are visible at a glance. You can identify driver availability, assign them to orders and track deliveries, not only by your own delivery driver personnel but also by third-party logistics and delivery partners.

Powerful & Accurate Inventory

With a robust POS that works in sync with your back office, you can gain total control of your inventory, build recipes and sub-recipes, and get real-time visibility into your food costs. When an order is placed, ingredients instantly deduct from your inventory, so your stock levels are always up to date.

And if you’re running low on stock below the re-order level, you can generate Purchase Orders directly from your POS. In addition to receiving and transferring stock between locations, running digital stock takes, and accounting for wastage.

In-built Comprehensive Customer Database

Customer data is incredibly valuable to better understand, communicate and engage with your customers. With multiple sales channels, managing multiple databases can be overwhelming.

A powerful integrated solution ensures your entire customer database can be managed in one centralized CRM. When an existing customer orders over the phone, online or through your third-party partner store, their profile is automatically updated in your CRM. Should a new customer order, a new profile is instantly created.

Insights such as order history and preferences allow you to target customers and keep them within reach. Thus improving customer engagement and, ultimately, retention.

LIVE Dashboard Analytics & Insights

With a future-proof integration, data from all your sales channels are in sync with your POS. You can get insights and analytics of multi-channel performance in one powerful LIVE dashboard, eliminating end-of-day manual reconciliation.

Best-selling items, popular delivery areas, item profitability, outlet profitability, inactive customers, are a few of the many insights you gain – even on the go.

With comprehensive reports and a daily business summary, you can identify and analyze trends, compare in-house and online store performance, and make informed business decisions.

Seamless Integration with Xero

Leading POS systems are integrated with cloud accounting software like Xero. This means that daily sales data from your POS are automatically synced to your Xero. The out-of-the-box integration simplifies and streamlines your restaurant accounting and removes the need for manual entry and end-of-day reconciliation.

In conclusion, the efficiency and growth of your restaurant business is directly proportional to the level of optimization of your resources, manpower, productivity, communication, workflow, and operations.

Undeniably, a complete one-stop solution with a plethora of offerings under one pane of glass is an effective and future-proof strategy to accelerate growth, especially in the post-pandemic world. And it’s those restaurants that embrace the myriad benefits of a fully-integrated POS solution that are positioned for longstanding success.

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