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New: Forecasting improvements for advanced analysis and a new Excel report!

February 4, 2022

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Get up to speed with the latest Fathom product news. Here’s a quick wrap-up of the features we’ve recently released.

EBITDA Layout on the Forecasting Grid

We’ve added the ability to add subtotals on the Forecasting Profit and Loss grid, giving you more control over the presentation of your Forecasted P&L and additional context to sense-check your forecasted figures.

You can now toggle subtotals on and off on the P&L main grid to include summary lines like ‘Gross Profit’, ‘Operating Profit’ and ‘Net Income’. You can also select between the Standard and EBITDA layout, to aid in your analysis and presentation.

To find these controls use the ‘more options’ menu in the upper right-hand corner, and toggle on the ‘P&L Subtotal Rows’.


Balloon Loan Repayments

Our new loan schedule configuration allows you to calculate the interest accrual and cash repayment for loans that include balloon payments. Balloon payments are residual payments of principal, due in the final month of the loan term. These are common financing agreements for businesses purchasing machinery, vehicles or other equipment.

When creating or editing a schedule with a ‘loan repayment’ calculation method, you can select ‘Balloon Payment’ and input the value of the final residual payment. The calculation method will then be updated, and you’ll notice the loan repayment has smaller monthly cash repayments and larger interest accruals over the life of the loan.


Other Updates

  • When viewing the detail of your balance sheet you can now filter by scenarios. This allows you to add a filter to the report component, to move between scenarios and view the balance sheet reconciliation specific to those scenario outcomes.
  • Non-financial KPI Excel Report: we’ve now included the ‘Non-financial KPI Results’ as an Excel download in the Reports Centre. This allows you to quickly export all of your non-financial KPIs and their results into Excel.

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