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New release: Now you can quote the way you want

July 27, 2021

You’ve told us you want to be able to display and present quotes and estimates in the style that suits your business. And that it should be easy to see the profitability of a job’s single components.
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So today we’re thrilled to announce that it’s now easier to do both those things because we’ve added 'folders' to the quoting feature in WorkflowMax. A folder lets you group tasks and costs together into phases, or deliverables, so your customers can clearly know what you’re charging for at each phase. At the same time, you can see the detailed tasks and costs which make up each phase or deliverable that flows into the job.

Introducing folders on quotes

Our product teams have been working hard to extend the existing folders on jobs functionality (which you may be familiar with), and apply it to the quotes feature in WorkflowMax.

This new functionality will be released over the next week to all customers, starting from midday Tuesday 27 July (NZST).

With folders on quotes, you can:

• Group tasks and costs on a quote

• Create, delete and edit folders on quotes

• Assign, add and remove tasks and costs from folders, or move them between folders

• See the gross profitability and percentage margins on individual folders

• Access folders quickly through the new ‘Folder’ tab on the new navigation bar

Flexible, timesaving improvements to help you be even more profitable

This new functionality will make a real difference for any job manager, business development manager, finance manager and business owner.

Your quoting process will be quicker and more accurate, and you’ve got far more flexibility over the level of detail you choose to show in a quote.

Folders on quotes correctly transfers all the rich labour and material cost information from each grouped item into the job detail, reducing mistakes and giving you one single version of the truth.

You’ll have a better view of each grouped item’s gross margin and profit percentages so you can see where you’re making money. Folders also help you better manage your work once your quote turns into a job.

See folders on quotes in action

Here’s a scenario of how folders on quotes works.

Let’s assume you’re a creative agency preparing a new quote for a rebranding job for a retail business. You’ve been asked to quote on a new logo design, business cards, brochures, and shop-front signage.

In the past, you might have created a new job for each component, or created a complex structure of billable and non-billable tasks and costs as a workaround. The old way was cumbersome and time consuming.

Now you can use folders on quotes to manage each item and retain the underlying job performance information.

Watch demo

More improvements coming

We’re in the process of adding folders on the job financial summary report – this will be available in the next few weeks. We're looking at expanding folders into the invoicing feature and will keep you update.

Why leave it there?

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