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New reporting feature: line item reports and scheduling

May 7, 2021

We’re making reports even more actionable and convenient: you can now generate reports with line item details and schedule reports generation and delivery to selected email addresses.
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Line item level reports

Apart from providing various prebuilt reports that list all purchase orders pending approval or all bills approved last month, ApprovalMax lets you create own reports. This enables you to see such information also for other document types, a variety of time intervals, statuses, or filtered by specific document parameters. This kind of report is useful for checking the approval statuses.

Line item reports allow you to look deeper into your accounts payable and accounts receivable to understand what exactly your expenses are for. With this new feature you can create reports with a more precise point of view than the standard reports, which consider documents as a whole. For example, you’re now shown details of the items you ordered from a specific supplier and to which accounts they relate.

You’ll find line item reports in the “Reports” section; they can get created for any type of document in any status. It’s also possible to filter such reports by specific document parameters like accounts, suppliers, tracking options, etc.

Scheduled reports

Instead of generating reports manually every time you need one, you can schedule the creation and specify who you want to receive such report – everybody will find it in their inbox right on time.

To set up a schedule, click on the clock icon in the upper right part of the report form, add the recipients’ email addresses and select the timing for the report to be sent. Now, you and your colleagues will receive .csv reports straight to their inbox as per this schedule.

Depending on your needs, scheduled reports can be delivered to anyone in or outside of your ApprovalMax organisation.

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