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Run a beautiful business with Xero Education Month

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Xero is offering Education Month throughout the year to support small business, accountants and bookkeepers. You can register here.
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Xero is offering Education Month throughout the year to support small business, accountants and bookkeepers. You can register here.

You might not know this, but there is a whole team at Xero whose mission is to ensure everyone connected to them is successful – Customer Success. A big part of this mission involves education and the empowerment it can create for our new and existing customers. We firmly believe that there should be no barriers to education, it should be available for all.  The team is thrilled to be able to launch Xero Education Month across the globe in 2021. The goal is simple- to empower you to make the most of Xero and run a beautiful business. 

We started in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and EMEA in February and will be live in Australia across March. The rest of the globe will be launched throughout the year. All sessions are completely free and you can catch anything you missed or want to tune in on again the month following the event on Xero Central. 

Education Month is about connecting with our community

Education Month has been an incredible opportunity to connect with our wider Xero community and share expert tips and tricks. From webinars, eLearning, videos, certifications, articles and live events, where possible, there is something for everyone. With this in mind we also opened up Education Month beyond our Xero customers to encourage anyone, who is curious about our products or about how to run a beautiful business, to join in the experience. 

We approached planning our content a bit differently this year too, giving people the opportunity to “choose their own adventure” across 9 themes from the Xero product through to wellbeing and leadership. No matter what stage you are at in your learning journey we wanted to ensure you would gain value across the month. 

For our Partners, accountants and bookkeepers

Every quarter we have an amazing opportunity to connect with our Partner community at Xero and share with them what’s new within the Xero product and how they can get the most of it to bring value to their clients. We have expanded on this idea across Education Month to bring our Partners not only what’s new but also more advanced tips on how to make the most of the platform beyond day to day tasks. 

Covid-19 showed the world how critical it is to be able to operate your business from anywhere. In our “why cloud, why now” webinar you can learn how to help your customers overcome the challenges of moving to the cloud. Not to mention a few other great sessions such as  “how to build lasting client relationships” and “showcase the power of Xero to potential customers” and much more.

These webinars are designed for everyone, so share this with your team to help them get a better understanding of how Xero helps power small businesses around the globe.

Run a beautiful business

With themes such as “beautiful business” and “wellbeing” our webinars throughout the month cover all areas to support being a small business owner, sole trader or an accountant or bookkeeper.

Hear from Xero’s leadership team as they talk about  “What leadership in 2021 looks like” and  what they learned throughout 2020 and how they are using those lessons to lead even better in 2021. 

“Leadership is about change. It is about supporting change for the better. When you look at it, it’s not technology that’s driving change, it’s people who are. The organisation itself doesn’t change unless the people change. Leadership is really about deeply considering and caring about the impact on people and how they can come on that change journey, contribute to it, and be supported through it” says Steve Vamos.

You can also catch a workshop about business viability or join us for sessions on work life balance, building positive workplaces, how to manage high performing teams and stacks more. 

Xero Central

We are hosting all of our sessions on Xero Central which is Xero’s one stop shop for support, community and education. So whilst you may be signing up to an Education Month session you also have the opportunity to explore other pieces of education, join in a community conversation, or raise a case with our support team.  

Xero Central gives you access to 24/7 information.

We’ll be opening registrations for Asia and the US shortly, with Canada to follow later in the year.

For NZ or UK/EMEA you can check out the full recordings of Xero Education Month throughout March here

Why leave it there?

Kickstart 2021 by gaining the skills and knowledge you need to build your business with Xero.

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