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Call your clients: invoice capture just got easier

March 14, 2024

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Meet Apron Capture

Done are the days of slow, clunky, expensive invoice capture. Today, we’re launching a tool that’s set to reinvent how you and your clients work together, by taking the pain out of submitting documents.

We’ve built Apron Capture for the busiest businesses. It makes uploading invoices as easy as sharing photos. It instantly fetches and matches all the info inside. It makes plugging document gaps a breeze.

Inspired by accountants. Built for your clients.

We heard from our key accountant and bookkeeper partners, who were losing patience with existing invoice capture tools. Built for finance professionals, and not the time-stretched businesses that use them, the current offer is fiddly, complicated, and not all that accurate. The result? Accountants and bookkeepers spend more time chasing clients for missing documents than advising them on the bigger picture. It’s a situation that holds back businesses, frustrates finance pros, and gets in the way of what should be a powerful working relationship.

So we set out to fix it. With this launch, Apron makes invoice capture faster, slicker, and cheaper. No more hounding people and hunting through your inbox for missing documents. Stop chasing your clients in circles, and start pushing them forwards.

“The speed of Apron is astonishing. If I tried to process a large number of invoices with my previous data capture tool, I’d spend hours waiting for the OCR processing and then manually coding each one. With Apron Capture, each step takes seconds.”
– Charlie Carne, Accountant

Why you and your clients will love it

Clients can upload their way

Capture lets clients add documents via WhatsApp, email, mobile app, or drag-and-drop. So they can use whatever works for them, and upload on the go. Which — when you’re a cabbie driving around town, a photographer dashing between shoots, or a restaurant owner keeping plates spinning — is a game-changer.

Reads what other capture tools can’t

Apron Capture can read upside down. It can tell receipts from invoices. It can cleverly pull out payment details — it even splits out line items, and matches them to categories and contacts. That’s because it’s powered by our own OCR AI technology that we’ve trained on thousands of real invoices.

Close books fast

Missing documents and uncategorised transactions are a fact of life, but Apron makes tidy-up as pain-free as possible.

Apron rounds up unreconciled transactions, you tick to assign to clients, and they log in, upload docs, and leave comments all in one place. Which saves you wrestling with unsecured spreadsheets and playing detective (but duller) trying to hunt down client emails.

Automatic reconciliation

Bringing invoices and payments into one app means reconciliations are automatic. So you’ll know exactly what that huge batch payment corresponds to, and whether or not that invoice from Bright Spark Electricians got paid. It saves time, keeps data up-to-date, and cuts out the risk of accidentally paying the same bill twice.

Everything in one workflow

With the launch of Capture, Apron can now handle Accounts Payable end-to-end, giving you total control over your workflow. You don’t need to rely on your inbox or your accounting software as a ‘source of truth’ (unless you want to) — because everything syncs up automatically.

Captured invoice details flow straight into bookkeeping software like Xero and QuickBooks. Which means clients don’t have to wait around for manual updates before making payments. And you can use whatever workflow suits you. Keep things flexible, or set up a fixed flow — defining roles, steps and permissions.

Manage expenses end-to-end

Capture, approve and batch repay employees’ out-of-pocket expenses — in one place and at no extra cost.

Low, transparent pricing

Accounting firms pay £5 per client per month for Capture, or a flat fee of £199 per month if you’ve got 40–500 clients. And it comes free with paid versions of the rest of Apron.

We want to be a partner to accountants and bookkeepers. Which is why we work to keep prices competitive. By developing our OCR technology in-house, we’ve been able to keep the marginal cost close to zero — which we pass onto our end-pricing. But we’re not just being charitable: it’s a win-win — we see Capture as a value-add that makes our central Payments product even more powerful.

Apron: your payments powerhouse

Our goal is to change how businesses pay for things. And the launch of Capture brings that goal one step closer, by turning Apron into a one-stop-shop for all things AP. Now you can capture, sort, pay, and reconcile invoices, expenses, and payroll all in one place, all in perfect sync with bookkeeping.

“There are no limits on partners using Apron just for payments or just for capture, but using Apron as a one-stop-shop for AP will bring unparalleled efficiencies by streamlining processes, strengthening client relationships, and cutting the need for reconciliations.”
– Bogdan Uzbekov, Apron CEO

All of which means less time spent on click work, and more time spent pushing your clients to greater gains.

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