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Introducing Debtor Daddy for Bookkeepers

June 22, 2021

Today, we’re excited to launch a new platform specifically for bookkeepers. It’s the first time we have tailored our debtor management solution to focus on a particular business market.
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A growing list of bookkeeping customers prompted Debtor Daddy CEO and co-founder Matt McFedries to develop ‘Debtor Daddy for Bookkeepers’.

“Until now it’s been difficult for bookkeepers to offer a complete debtor management service to their clients,” McFedries said.

“Bookkeepers often ask their clients to manage debtor processes themselves or offer a basic solution using automated email reminders and monthly statements with occasional calls, usually at the client’s request. This is mainly due to the manual nature of the job and the lack of technology to make it automated and scalable.”

Our new platform has been designed to take the pain out of debt management for bookkeepers as well as providing an opportunity for bookkeepers to grow their revenue.

“Debtor Daddy for Bookkeepers includes all the software, training, templates, and resources bookkeepers need to deliver an effective and profitable debtor management service to their clients,” said McFedries.

“This means better cash flow for a bookkeeper’s clients and increased revenue for the bookkeeper themselves because they can offer a comprehensive debtor management solution.”

Haley My Two Cents
Hayley Wilson, My Two Cents

Debtor Daddy reports an enthusiastic response from early access bookkeepers using the new platform, including Haley Wilson, owner of My Two Cents Accounting in Northland.

“In the past, we’ve found it hard to have full confidence in the debtor management services we offer our clients because we lacked a formal process and the work was spread across several tools,” said Ms Wilson.

“With the new solution from Debtor Daddy we’ve got everything we need to run an effective and profitable debtor management service. We now offer it proactively as an add-on to any client that needs help with debtors.”

Donna King from Smart Bookkeeping was able to secure a new client by partnering with us.

“In the middle of implementing Debtor Daddy’s software, I was approached by a new client to solely manage their debtors, I gave him a fixed price with the help of Debtor Daddy’s quoting tool and have never looked back,” said Ms King.

“After a successful set-up with our most difficult client, I’ve started using it for my own bookkeeping business. I love how easy it is to set up and that I do not have to worry about anyone slipping through the cracks. I am now taking a closer look at all my clients to see who else we can put on to Debtor Daddy to make it easier to collect their money.”

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